Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with my Sofitel purchase?

Does Sofitel have a satisfaction guarantee? Can I return products to Sofitel? Will I get refunds from Sofitel? Does Sofitel have a money-back guarantee?
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Asked on Jan 8, 2018 Posted in Sofitel0 answers

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Does Sofitel offer discounts to military families and veterans?

Does Sofitel give discounts to veterans? What special promotions or coupons are available to military veterans and military families at Sofitel? Does Sofitel have a military discounts webpage or website?
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Does Sofitel ship internationally? Which countries do they ship to?

The products and services offered by Sofitel are available to international customers. Unfortunately, Sofitel does not ship any physical products. It is a company that offers chain of five star hotels and resorts around the world. For more information about the topic, just visit the source URL prov...
TinTinB answered this on Nov 28, 2012 Posted in Sofitel1 answer — Last reply 69 months ago

Does Sofitel offer a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android?

Yes, Sofitel offers a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android as long as the iOS phone or Android phone carrier is Bouygues Telecom Network. Through the Bouygues Telecom Network, customers can access I-mode and make reservations at any Sofitel Hotel Worldwide. You ca nview images of hotels and confi...
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Does Sofitel accept PayPal?

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